Welcome to ecoLINE coatings BV.

ecoLINE coatings BV in Reeuwijk is an independent Dutch company that develops, produces, sells high-quality products for the corporate and private markets. Our products make their way to customers through distributors and dealers both in the Netherlands and abroad.

ecoLINE coatings BV develops people- and environmentally-friendly 2-component epoxy products. In developing our products, our focus is on people and the environment, though this certainly does not detract from our resolve to produce optimal quality and durability. All materials are carefully selected following thorough testing, resulting in versatile products with a wide range of functional properties without the use of harmful solvents or toxic substances.

We invest heavily in product innovation in order to continue to be able to meet the demands of both users and legislation. Innovation is the key at ecoLINE coatings BV. Our Research & Development facilities and extensive know-how enable us to develop specialist products. And because we place high demands on our user-friendly products, our products enjoy much success and ecoLINE coatings BV plays a prominent role in the market.

ecoLINE biedt 3 jaar garantie op het onderwatersysteem.

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Motivated and expert consultants from our sales organizations, each with their own specialty in their segment, understand your desires perfectly and are sure to be able to solve your problems with one of our products.

ecoLINE coatings BV supplies protective products for a wide range of uses in various market sectors, including the following: ocean and inland shipping, yachts, offshore industry, steel and wood industry, and concrete and water building.

If you are unable to find the product you need in our range of products, our Research & Development Department can develop a product for you, one that is guaranteed to meet your specific requirements.