It has become common knowledge that coal tar paints should not longer be applied and antifoulings containing biocides and solvents are very controversial. Solvents Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is harmful for the environment and very harmful for the user and will possibly cause Organic Psycho Syndrome (OPS). ecoLINE coatings BV invest in a better environment and work only with raw materials of high-quality who are not harmful to people and environment. By developing we are thinking of the environment and of those who are going to work with our products: no toxic materials, low in solvents, odourless and user friendly.

Quality and durability

We therefore decided to develop 2-component epoxy products for several applications below and above the waterline. The quality and durability of the products has been one of the main points of departure. The selection of raw materials has been based on many tests. The result is versatile products with different functional characteristics without the use of harmful solvents or toxic substances.

Several products have been subjected to extensive testing in compliance with the requirements through the advanced research body of TNO Industry (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research Industry) and the Centrum voor Onderzoek en Technisch advies (COT; Centre for Research and Technical Consultancy).

Our products are harmless to the environment and to people and satisfy the requirements included in the legal decree for inside work and can be classified as a “green product”. They are virtually odourless, contains none or not more than 6 % solvents (not harmful) and no toxic substances.

The products of ecoLINE coatings BV will be produced, stored and sold conform the present environmental- and safety instructions. ecoLINE coatings BV is certified in compliance to the requirements as set for the NEN and ISO 9002 and 14001 certificates, all based on the standards as set by ‘Bureau Veritas Quality International BV (BVQI).

Our products ecoSHIELD, ecoFINISH, ecoGUARD, ecoPROTECT, ecoBOTTOM, ecoBRONS-BOTTOM, ecoNAUTIC and ecoMARINE are patented products.