ecoGLUE glue paste

ecoGLUE is a multifunctional user-friendly 2-component epoxy glue paste, which is suited for application on steel, aluminium, polyester and wood. This unique product may have certain requirements involving adhesion capacity, hardness, flexibility, resistance to chemicals, wear-resistance, impact-resistance, vapour tight and waterproof and durability. We recommend sanding both parts, apply the glue on both parts, which will be glue together. Push them tight and if it is possible to strengthen or tighten the parts and it will perform well for years. The strong adhesive capacity in combination with hardness and flexibility guarantee a long-lasting adhesion.

Toxic free

The advantages for the user are the human friendly aspects such as toxic free, solvents free, nearly odourless. ecoGLUE satisfies the current environmental and safety regulations and it is safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

Long-lasting adhesion

ecoGLUE is a user-friendly glue paste, which can be applied safely without dilution, using a filling-knife. ecoGLUE adheres excellently, is shrink-free and can be applied in a layer thickness of 3 mm. The thickness of an applied wet layer is the same as a dry layer, because there is no evaporative loss. If ecoGLUE is applied as directed, it will function for years and will offer a strong and a long-lasting adhesion.

Adheres excellently to : steel, aluminium, polyester, gelcoat, wood and 2-component coatings / primers. td>
Packaging :
1 kilogram and 2,5 kilogram
Colours :
light grey
Processing time :
approx. 2,5 hour
Consumption :
approx. 2 m² per kilogram in a layer thickness of 3 mm.
Tools :
Properties :
harmless to the environment and to people
    toxic free
    solvents free
    nearly odourless
    salt water and chemicals resistant
    vapour and water tight
    shrink resistant
    wear resistant
    high impact resistance
    very flexible
    very hard
    smooth surface
    flash point > 125° C
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