Glue, laminating and impregnate: the multifunctional products of ecoLINE see to a long-lasting adhesion both below and above water. These products are suitable for many applications in several markets, such as steel- and wood industry, professional and recreation shipping, etc. The products adhere perfectly on steel, aluminium, polyester and wood.


The products of ecoLINE satisfy the high requirements: they are hard, flexible, wear resistant, impact resistant, strong adhesive capacity, vapour-tight and waterproof, resistant to water and chemicals and durable. Besides the products are harmless to the environment and to people, they contain no toxic substances, hardly or no solvents and are nearly odourless.


ecoLINE has a selection of three construction products. ecoGLUE is a glue paste, which sees to a strong and long-lasting adhesion. ecoSTICK is a construction resin for glue, impregnate and laminating what can be added by a filler or a thixotrope. ecoPREGNATE is a hand laminating resin, which can be strengthen with glass fibre in all kinds of thickness and is suitable for repair, glue, sealing, etc . These products are vapour and water tight and suitable both below and above water.