With the ‘green’ products of ecoLINE protect industry floors against influence from outside. Usually it is an illusion to think floors will remain dust- and damage free forever, however with our hard, wear resistant and liquid tight floor coatings applied to the floor, this illusion can become reality.


The products of ecoLINE satisfy the high requirements: they are hard, flexible, wear resistant, impact resistant, strong adhesive capacity, vapour-tight and waterproof, resistant to water and chemicals and durable. Besides the products are harmless to the environment and to people, they contain no toxic substances, hardly or no solvents and are nearly odourless.


ecoLINE has a selection of a complete system of flooring and a point mortar for tiled walls. The floor coatings, specially developed for industrial floors, are liquid tight, can be applied seamlessly and are high mechanical stress resistant. The floor system consists of a primer, a self levelling mass and three floor coatings, gloss, silky gloss and mat. ecoCOAT is a solvents free and impregnated primer for sealing porous floors. ecoSLURRY is a solvents free self levelling compound for rough floors and wear layers on roadways. ecoTEC is a solvents free floor coating gloss. ecoGUARD silky gloss and ecoTOP mat are low in solvents floor coatings. ecoPOINT is a shrink resistant and kneadable point mortar for water tight sealing of tired walls.