Wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, osmosis-preventive underwater coating, almost no maintenance is required.

ecoBOTTOM for fresh water

ecoBOTTOM is a copper containing 2-component epoxy underwater coating for professional and recreation shipping for use under the water line in fresh water. The unique composition of selected raw materials results in a homogeny, hard en smooth underwater coating and is not harmful for the water environment. The water tightness in combination with the wear resistance will prevent the leaching of copper what will not adversely affect the water, thus it has no harmful effects on organisms in the water. ecoBOTTOM is an alternative for antifouling and offers more functional characteristics: it is hard, smooth, flexible, wear resistant, impact resistant, vapour tight and waterproof, chemicals resistant and durable. The smooth character of the underwater coating will prevent the growth of water organism and any possible growth is easy to be removed. On aluminium ships definite apply 1 layer ecoPRIMER and 2 layers ecoPROTECT to protect the aluminium.

Toxic free

The advantages for the user are the human friendly aspects such as toxic free, low in solvents, nearly odourless and no need sanding between the layers. ecoBOTTOM satisfies the current environmental and safety regulations and it is safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

Long-lasting protection ecoBOTTOM is a user-friendly underwater coating, which may be applied safely without dilution using a brush and a mohair paint roller. Provides first-rate cover, does not run on vertical surfaces and has a nice glossy finish without drips. If ecoBOTTOM is applied as directed, it will perform well for years and offer long-lasting protection and a clean underwater hull. We recommend cleaning the underwater hull once a year with a high-pressure cleaner. There is no need to apply a new layer ecoBOTTOM every year.

ecoBOTTOM is a patented product.

Adheres excellently to : ecoPROTECT, gelcoat, 2-component coatings / primers and hard antifoulings
Packaging : 750 ml. 2,5 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre
Colours : red, red/brown, bleu and black
Processing time : approx. 1,5 hours
Repaint : the next day
Consumption : 10 m² per litre
Tools : brush, mohair paint roller and foam rubber paint roller
Recommended system : two layers ecoPROTECT and two layers ecoBOTTOM
not dangerous to the environment and to people
    toxic free
    low in solvents
    nearly odourless
    vapour tight and waterproof
    resistant to chemicals
    wear resistant
    impact resistant
    smooth surface
    flash point > 125° C
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