For the professional and recreation shipping ecoLINE developed a ‘green’ underwater system that offer a long-lasting protection and almost no maintenance is required.


The products of ecoLINE satisfy the high requirements: they are hard, flexible, wear resistant, impact resistant, strong adhesive capacity, vapour-tight and waterproof, resistant to water and chemicals and durable. Besides the products are harmless to the environment and to people, they contain no toxic substances, low in solvents and are nearly odourless.



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The underwater system of ecoLINE consist of five products. ecoPRIMER is a primer for bare substrates such as steel, aluminium, polyester and wood. The primer is excellent suitable for repair of polyester substrate with hairline cracks or craquelé. ecoPROTECT is a vapour- and water tight barrier coating for optimal protection for what concerns to avoid osmosis or rust. The underwater coatings ecoBOTTOM and ecoBRONS-BOTTOM are suitable for fresh water and ecoNAUTIC is suitable for brackish and salt water. These underwater coatings will prevent the growth of water organism and any possible growth is easy to be removed.